Medical/Recruit test changes

First off, hi all another newbie asking questions.

Anyway I completed my RT and Medical last year but having been away for 6 months I have been told that the pass marks for both have changed and il have to resit both.

So short question anyone know the new pass mark for warfare officer on the RT, and more importantly what has the eye test requirements changed to?

Thanks in advance!


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Hmmn - did you keep your AFCO informed whilst you were away I wonder?

Sounds like your application was withdrawn, so you'll have to start afresh & re-take the Recruiting Test, which for officers introduced minimum scores in the Reasoning & Mechanical Comprehension sections & raised the scores in Literacy & numeracy. Can't state exact scores unfortunately, not allowed to but suffice to say anything less than about 70% correct in each section will be a fail.

Visual Acuity (VA) and Colour Perception (CP) standards for Warfare Officer haven't changed but the validity of the medical examination is dependent on age, so may need re-taking. For Warfare Officer you need to be VA2 (VA1 for Aircrew), CP1. Unless you underwent a Lantern Test last time for colour perception, only previously completing the Ishihara Test (coloured dots), then that will probably be why you need your eyes testing.

Best of luck.

You pretty much summed it up, so yep I have to retake it all again!

I sat the RT last summer, and was told by the AFCO that I will need to retake it due to the scores changing so I will err on the side of caution and assume they have got harder. (I.e. bone up on my maths even further)

More importantly for me thou my eyesight is pretty bad being -3.00 in my right and -4.00 in my left and it was pretty questionable on me passing the medical last time, so im not feeling to hopeful if the eyesight requirements have gotten harder!

Thanks for all the advice thou!


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No problem.

In my experience eyesight, when it deteriorates, it can do so quite rapidly. If you are borderline on VA2 it's always worth getting a second test done as I've found different opticians may interpret the prescription differently.
So am I correct in thinking VA2 standard is still :

Visual Acuity to be achieved 6/60 6/60
without corrective lenses

VA to be achieved 6/6 N5 6/9 N5
with correcting lenses

Refraction limit

Spectacle correction (in any +/-6.00 sphere or cyl +/-6.00


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You must meet at least this standard (note Left & Right):

Standard 2 (VA2)

Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/60, Left 6/60 or worse.

Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses Right 6/6N5, Left 6/9N5

Refraction limit
Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
+/-6.00 sphere or cyl both.
Ok, thought I read somewhere it was:

Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
+/-4.00 sphere or cyl both.

Il get my eyes rechecked at medical, but in the meantime il get back to brushing up on my maths for the AT again.

Thanks for the all help Ninja!
You might get away with your old RT score as it was done within the last 3 years, as long as NJS has stated, the application wasn't withdrawn.
Best check with your friendly ACLO!
Thanks for the advice baggage but from what I can gather, my application was withdrawn as my absence was notified on the system.

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