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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by LujonSA, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. I've stuck this in the "Afterlife" thread because since 1990 that is where I have lived. Before I go sending emails to everyone in the MoD (RN) can anyone tell me to whom do I write to get copies of my naval medical records. I developed an eye problem in 1989 that was thoroughly investigated at the time, was found to be stable and never been a problem. It has re-surfaced twenty odd years on because my current ophthalmologist has just "discovered" it and wants to know more about it. All the tests were carried out at Haslar so they might be in a dusty box in their cellar, but how do I get access to them?
  2. LujonSA

    It is my understanding that the correct address is as follows:

    The Medical Director General
    Medical Records Release Section
    Institute of Naval Medicine
    Crescent Road
    PO12 2DL

    Telephone: 023 9276 8063

    Your letter needs to be accompanied by a copy of an ID document which has a photo - your passport or driving licence would be suitable.

    Hopefully, AngryDoc will confirm this later.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2012
  3. Thank you sunshine. If I don't hear anything else I shall call them tomorrow.
  4. Sol's post sounds good!
  5. Are you sure that your being honest with your fellow RR's. You can trust us, now then is it really an "eye" condition, or a recurring dose of NSU caught whilst on a night of unbridled passion in Olongapo which has just re-surfaced? If it is MG Maniac knows of some pretty good homeopathic remedies:headbang:
  6. Sorry, its nothing so exciting, just a few damaged rods and cones that were photographed and photographed over twelve months to make sure that they were not degenerating, like the rest of me!
  7. Homeopathic remedies my Ar*se! Nothing "The Umbrella" and a stuffin great needle wont fix!
  8. S. Here is an update for info. The address you gave me is for sick bay records. In my case the tests were carried out at RNH Haslar so I have had to contact;

    Central Health Records Library,
    Room 24
    Sentinel House
    Building B1
    MoD Shoeburyness
    SS3 9SR

    Telephone 01702 299 300

    The search for my docs is now in progress, thank you for your help.

    PS. If could find aan emoticon of a rusty old filing cabinet I would have put one here. Ho hum.
  9. Thank you for adding this, LujonSA, it's useful to know.

    Let's hope that the info you need is found for you soon.
  10. Haslar medical records

    I received my complete medical history yesterday from Alverstoke 1965 till 1981 with a comment that my RNH Haslar records from 1973-1974 would have been destroyed. Also missing are records from Chessington Rehabilitation Clinic. Which are actually the hospital details that I wanted.

    Anyone know if the Central Health Records Library, MoD Shoeburyness would be helpfull.


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