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Hi everyone im new on here so go easy. Just a quick question at what point in the recruitment process do your medical files get screened? I am currently waiting for a date for Raleigh and have attended a RPC course so can only assume that they have already been looked at ? Not that i have anything to hide i just thought i might of had some sort of notification. Also what does the medical that takes place at Raleigh involve ? ECG ? blood tests ? eye sight ? hearing ?


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Your previous medical history must be disclosed on the medical questionnaire prior to the medical examination or during the AFCO medical examination.

Any medical condition arising after the medical examination must be declared prior to joining HMS Raleigh as a condition of entry into Naval Service.

You undergo routine medical screening during the first week at HMS Raleigh when blood groupings & inoculations take place. Any medical issues arising will be further investigated as required.

Any undeclared pre-existing medical condition which comes to light within the first 56 days of training can result in legal action for making a fraudulent application & will in any case, usually result in discharge from the service.
Just hijacking the thread for one question! haha, just out of interest how many people get caught out on the drugs test, at the start of basic? if there is one? as you don't really hear about it?

not that i would even dare taking drugs.



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The AFCO medical is conducted on the information declared by the individual on the medical questionnaire & again recorded when the same questions are asked at the medical examination. Anything undeclared will otherwise normally come to light in the first 8 weeks after joining.

The compulsory drugs test (CDT) is conducted during the first 10 weeks Initial Naval Training - we do not disclose exactly when, but suffice to say there are a fair few who find themselves leaving sooner than anticipated, without a train ticket home.
So im guessing that if thats how it works records are only checked once you get a date for Raleigh ? or when you begin INT training ? Thanks for the info.
haha good! the Lowlifes have no way of getting away from it then! ;)

Don't you mean HIGHlifes?? ;-)

In all seriousness anyone who enjoys that final Saturday night before boarding the train to phase one with a few epic spliffs and a line or three of coke deserves the boot, i'll be happy with a good piss up and a visit to the whore house, sod the drugs.
Cornish NAAH - to answer what I think your question is. We only contact your GP if we have reason to do so. We normally will go off the information you give us and the answers you give the medical examiner at your selection medical. If the selection medical examiner has any doubt they can seek information from your GP as you give written approval on the medial questionaire.

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