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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by dannyb2028, May 2, 2009.

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  1. hi just a few questions as my medical is soon.

    1. when i was younge i had a few mental health problems with self harlm last time was when i was 17 am now 24 would this be a problem?

    2.last year i had a few problems with migraines but this was all due to bad oral hygiene witch now has been sorted. my doctor sent me for CT scan and nothing was found not even a brain HA HA.

    apart from that i have had no other problems with my problem is as stupid as i was i never ticked it on the first form dunno why and i know i am a prick but when i go to my medical if i fess up now will it stop me getting in or will the doctor do further checks and go from there?
  2. ok i will have to ring um on tuesday hopfully they wont throw my application in the bin
  3. Danny

    Two AFCO RN Careers Advisors - Supermario and Ninja Stoker - contribute to the forum - I'm sure they will have replied to you by Tuesday.
  4. kk thanks
  5. dannyb

    "A few mental health problems" - that could hide a multitude of sins! What do you mean by "a few"? The self-harm thing needs exploring too. Regarding migraines, again these need exploring and entrance very much depends on what branch you're going into.

    Regarding your oversight - Ninja or Supermario will be the best to advise on the way forward. Obviously the truth is the best (and only) option, but as to whether you bin this application and start again or persist with this one and let us know at a later date I'm not sure.

    Feel free to PM me regarding the medical stuff if you're not keen to post in open forum.

    (RN MO)
  6. Hi Danny B,

    The right thing to do now, is to inform your careers advisor at the AFCO that you have potentially miss filled out the AFCO 4. As perviously mentioned the decisions about your medical fitness for joining the RN will be made by the AFCO Medical Examiner. They will talk through with you your past medical history and then either make a decision then and there, or contact your Dr for further info. If the AFCO ME still can not make the decision it can be passed on to one of our specialist medical staff for further guidance.

    So it's not a definate no, but it could take a little while for the medical staff to give you/us a final decision on whether or not we can proceed with your application.

    Your best bet from here on is to be honest and hopefully everything will work out for the best for you.

    Best of luck with the rest of your application




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