Medical Questionnaire

Inane question I'm sure but can someone clarify this question??
"Any contact with child guidance services. "

Had social workers involved in my life 24 years ago during the parents custody I really have to declare that as pertinent to the above question?

I'm not mentally scarred from it.


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The temptation to reply to this in the style of Diamond Lil's is overwhelming. However, i will attempt to be sensible.

Very doubtful. It is probably for the younger person joining that this question is for to be honest. However, if you are not sure, contact your recruiting office and ask them and if no joy there, just put it in to be on the safe side.
I can undertsand the temptation to imply many connotations to that question - thanks for resisiting the urge. :wink:

I'll ask the question when I do my medical in Nov, though don't really see what relevance it would bear nearly 25 yrs later.



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Neither do i to be honest. As i said before, i don't think it relates to you directly. Always best to check though.
It's an odd wording, as the phrase "child guidance services" is not really in use in the UK.

What they probably mean are paediatric psychology services and social services aimed at children with behavioural needs, but since you did have contact with Social Services, albeit for an entirely different reason, put it down and they'll be happy.

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