Medical Questionnaire

Proud dad

Hi there,

Have been trawling through multiple threads and have become a little confused, so please accept my apologies if this has been asked before.

I’m just seeking clarification as to whether the RN will always request records from the GP?

If there is nothing of concern raised on the form, the Triage call is clear and the Medical Examiner is happy, do the RN bother requesting medical notes?

My lad had bad acne last year. It’s all cleared up now, which will be evident at examination.

Again, apologies for bothering you all, just amazingly proud that my lad is joining

Proud dad

Cheers for the reply.

Reading one of the threads that Ninja Stoker commented on, it appeared that they don’t bother requesting them at the recruitment stage unless something came up on the Questionnaire or the Triage call?

I might have got the wrong end of the stick though. I’m good at that!