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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums, will have my medical coming up soon however about 5 months ago I was sent for 6x 30 mins 'counselling' sessions by the doctor following a bereavement in my family. I wasnt on any medication at all, and im totally fine, I didnt really need the sessions I only went to make my folks happy.

Will this go against me for my medical?

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Probably not. Unless the medical examiner finds anything wrong, they probably won't even speak to your GP
If you wait a few minutes, there's someone here who is actually a Doctor, he'll be along in a moment
Declare everything, it will be on your med doc's probably considering a doctor sent you in the first place. Mike777 isn't yet serving so his well meaning advice could bite you in the arse later on.

I'm sure Angrydoc and our resident recruiters will agree but if you weren't prescribed any meds I'm sure you'll be fine. You wouldn't want to get booted at Raleigh for fraudulent entry now, would you.


Declare it. If you don't then we'll probably find out when you're in RALEIGH and we'll say bye bye at that point. That goes for anyone who has "snuck through" (mike777) - be honest and you may still be ok - if we find out you lied (and we usually do - more medical checks happen during basic training) then its an immediate discharge.

Regarding the medical issue, you won't have any problems from that.


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Just to add, lest the unwary fall foul:

If the Medical Questionnaire specifically asks the question and it's not truthfully answered, applicants can face legal proceedings for obtaining money by deceit in addition to being discharged.

Applicants should note the last page of the questionnaire bears the heading: "Consent to release Personal Medical Information" under which the applicant signs, dates & prints their name. This allows the Service Medical authorities to access your entire medical records, so telling porkies or withholding information only works until the records are checked.

The medical standards for entry are probably more rigidly applied now than at any point in the past. Whilst the change-over to a civilian contracted company initially let a few howlers slip through the net, the screening procedure & indeed the medical examination protocols have really tightened. I'd guess there will hardly be a single AFCO in the country that has not had to ring-up an eager, ready-to-join recruit only weeks from entry, only to deliver the crushing blow by announcing: "Sorry Lofty, a medical issue now means your provisional entry date has been withdrawn..."

Play safe & it will not come back to bite you.
What would be my best plan of action now seeing as i've sent my forms back, ring up and tell them I have forgot to add it on, or wait until my medical and then say something??
I would suggest giving your Careers Advisor a call, Dan. Just explain that you weren't sure at the time about whether this information needed to be added.

If you can, give him/her a ring now, as you will get him/her before things get busy in the AFCO.
Cheers guys! Just spoke to the careers advisor, he say's it's OK that I haven't put it down because I didnt have any medication and the doctor will probably talk to me about it, but its no big problem :)

*I can breath a sigh of relief now haha*

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