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Had my medical in 2010, when I was 17, and due to a ticked yes box on the pre-medical questionnaire, my application got referred upwards and my pass in the medical was finally confirmed when I was 18.

Anyway fast forward to 2012 and I've retook my PJFT but received today through the post, a copy of the pre-medical questionnaire as I have to have another medical.

So given I have previously ticked yes to one of the questions, I obviously have to say yes again but will this further delay the passing of the medical (assuming that the doc doesn't find any different wrong with me lol!)......or will I have to go through the same farce as last time?
I'm not being 'nasty' but does it make any difference what is written here by any of us? The matter is very simple. If you ticked 'yes' the first time then you must tick 'yes' this time and it'll take as long as it takes. I would imagine they would have the details of your previous referral and the waiting time might be reduced but it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that obvious statement. Regarding the 'farce', I suppose that would depend on what you ticked 'yes' to. AngryDoc would be the man to qualify this but I expect there are some things which they could see do not need to be repeated (following your previous referral) but there are probably others which would need the 'same farce as last time', to check they haven't re-occurred/got worse etc. Either way, you've go to tick 'yes', it's all in laps of the scab lifters and there's nothing to be gained by worrying about it, nor trying to will the process to take less time by writing here. PS: For the Grammar Police. There is a para-break before 'Regarding' but, for some reason, it's all appearing on the board as one big paragraph (edited to add: and a para-break before PS, too).
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