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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dobby, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Hey there, basically i have my medical exam on the 2nd of feb and i have a teensy weensy bit of eczema on my legs which i have never treated as its just there and i feel no need to scratch it (it won't be on my medical records). It is noticeable unfortunately.

    Another thing is I didn't declare this on my papers (my lecturer who is ex navy said don't declare it because its never been in my medical records). So my question is will i be considered unfit for service and is there anyway i can get this slight "inflamed" skin to go away? it's honestly not that bad and has never affected me negatively in anyway shape or form, i presume it has arose because i have started to enjoy scratching it which i have stopped now :/

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It would be unwise to omit declaring a condition which is clearly visible to be honest.

    The medical examiner, upon seeing it will write to your GP in any case.
  3. I see what you are saying :/ i never even thought when i filled out my papers since it doesn't irritate or anything :/ do you think this will hinder my application?
  4. It might. Loads of irritant substances on board which often make eczema worse. Get some moisturiser on it ASAP. If it gets better with that alone then you shouldn't have any probs (as it isn't that severe). You should still have declared it though, as it is a specific question (do you suffer from irritant skin conditions or words to that effect).
  5. Don't suffer from any skin conditions apart from this little bit of dry skin on my legs, i'm going to guy some moisturiser tomorrow and hopefully it should clear up within the next 2 weeks :/ i hope it doesn't hinder me :(
  6. That's a bit like saying "I don't have any problems with cancer apart from this tumour thing in my right lung". You have got a skin condition and you need to get it under control.
  7. Question Doc, Aloe Vera gel works to sooth and stop itching on a non dermal irritation I get on one hand.
    Will this cause any probs with regular use. I have a prescription cream which is one step under useless.
  8. Aloe Vera is pretty safe - if it works for you then crack on.
  9. Thank you kindly.
  10. My lad had the same, a small patch of eczema on his leg, he passed the medical and it didn't bother him during his time in. He still uses E45 though as does his brother who suffers dry skin.

    I'm not saying you'll pass the medical, it's down to the doc at the end of the day, just saying there are precedents. His patch was the size of a 10p piece though.

    As an aside, as I passed the age of 53, I've started to get it on my arms, never had any problems before, what's that all about?

  11. That ain't eczema, you're just going rotten.
    Mind you've smelt that way for years.:laughing2::-D
  12. The smell's covert botty burps :pottytrain2:
  13. Why?
    Is it true then that you're full of shit like Manchewer said.
    Steps back in amazement:laughing2::-D
  14. Hmmm Manchewer may have had a valid point about you lot (never thought I'd be saying that!!!)

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