MEDICAL question

bh89 said:
How long after applying do they send you for a medical examination?
To be honest mine took 2 months. Then a months wait cause i had asthma when i was younger. Some people have had it within a month of applying, so it all depends how busy your AFCO is.
It depends on the length of time it takes for you to get through the psychometric test and your interview; another factor is the number of medicals the Doctor for your AFCO has to do at the time - if he/she is snowed under, there may be a little wait for yours.
This is mine.

Walked into Afco late Jan

Passed tests booked for mid feb. Had interview for early March. Had medical a week later.

Submitted security form same time as medical. Got security form back for errors in early April. Resubmitted early/mid April.

Found out last week (mid May) I'm arriving at Raleigh on the 27th September. So from start to finish it's taking me the thick end of 8 months to get recruited.

Hope that helps.

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