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This question has been asked a lot, but this is slightly differnt.
I really, really want to join the Royal Navy as an engineer. I have been working as an aircraft engineer for just over 3 years and want to do it in the navy.
However I know there is the problem with asthma for people when joining. I have not had an asthma attack in my life, I never had to use an inhaler when I was in school playing sports, Ive had no problems breathing since I started running everyday and starting to get fit enough to join(about a month). I have not had an inhaler prescribed for over 4 years, until last year where I had to call my GP to get one. I had problems breathing for about a week, and other symptoms (head ache, fever, loss of taste) lead to it being COVID. All symptoms and breathing difficulty went away before even using the inhaler.
I have a call scheduled with my doctor to see what can be done about it, as it shouldnt be an asthma treatment but a COVID treatment?
Is this going to be a problem in the medical process of applying?
You may get TMU'd (Temporarily medically unfit) for a bit.
When it comes to the medical just declare everything, I admitted to needing an inhaler as a kid on the triage call with Capita, which is done before your face to face medical.
Never needed it, just my crazy mother being a hypochondriac.
But they did make me TMU at that point, which involves them sending out a form to the GP for them to sign off and send back that there are no concerns regarding asthma.
I was good, signed and sent back without any calls or visits to my GP, your experience could be different (12 years since my last inhaller).
Even so, be prepared as it'll probably add a few week to a few months to your application.

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