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Medical question

Hi! Ive got my medical booked for late January and I have a small question someone might be able to answer.
I was reading through the email and I saw that it was recommended that men can wear cycling shorts for the medical, I am female and was wondering if I could do the same? I don't see why they would have a issue with women wearing them by you never know! Thank you for helping! :)
Not sure why they advise cycling shorts specifically, I assume it’s because you do press ups and duck walks so it avoids the men showing more than they would like (if you get my drift)

I’m sure it’ll fine whatever underwear you decide.

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@Tigerlilyy, Can you copy and post the content of the email (editing out your details, first)? I'd be interested to see the contents.

I too cannot see why females should not also wear cycle shorts.

Very often females unaware that they were required to undress to underwear, would complain that had they known, they would not have worn a thong!

For the sake of modesty, I'd have thought the advice should apply to everyone.
I just wore suitable underwear (sports bra) and diddnt feel uncomfortable at all! Only had to undress for 5 Mins if that, and then put my clothes straight back on. They just want to see your spine and joints I think, so I’m sure shorts would be fine!

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