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Two years ago I had a slightly swollen upper lip which I went to get checked by the student nurse at university as too make sure it wasnt a serious reaction. She said it could have been hives and told me to go it some antihistamines in boots and to come back if it got worse, no trigger was identified. I'm assuming it will be on my medical even though I walked in without prior appointment. The guideline states;

Allergic disorders
Severe allergic reactions and/or anaphylaxis. A need to any adrenaline
injections (EPIPEN etc.). Nut and peanut allergy. Egg allergy. Latex allergy.
Vaccine allergy (including Tetanus allergy). Gluten sensitivity (Coeliac disease).

So I have no diagnosed allergies and none that I know of, and this reaction I had was not severe in my opinion and completely isolated as I changed no habits and it never recurred. However the JSP 950 states that:

A past history of Type 1 (immediate IgE mediated reaction), regardless of trigger, is graded P8.

Im not too sure how to feel about this put it certainly doesn't look good although following the JSP Hayfever would be P8. Any thoughts on the outcome of a medical?

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@pickles1996 This is just my thought on the matter and I am not qualified to give an official answer. The Student Nurse( I read that wrongly the first time), I suspect, will not have had access to your medical record nor were you prescribed anything that might set alarm bells ringing. I'd hesitate to say you're in the clear but on face value is does look as though you might be.
Warning The MOD appointed Doctors are the final arbiters on this and I'm just a bloke on the internet.
Thanks for the reply @fishhead , where I went was the student medical centre for the university so it is ran by the NHS I suspect they will have my records, I'll just have to see what's on my records and take it from there.

The only reason they might not have put anything down is because I just showed up and said something was up with my face and got seen straight away, once I was given the all clear they just sent me off. I was asked about my history so maybe they didnt have access to the records but who knows!