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I've got my medical at the end of the month. are they going to take a blood and urine sample and a drug test? not like I have anything to hide just keep hearing stories of people pissing in a pot and failing because they got stoned the day before


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Habitual recreational drugs use is a bar to entry as will have been discussed at interview.

The individual's attitude to recreational drug use can also affect suitability for service. The truth of the matter is most of us know people that use illegal drugs but the tip is distance oneself from people using them as although we fully accept our friends would not knowingly destroy our career aspirations, they aren't joining the Navy, you are.

Compulsory random drug tests are part and parcel of joining the Armed Forces and all recruits will undergo urine tests. Anyone testing positive is discharged permanently & barred from any future military career and there is zero sympathy afforded.

Ultimately it's up to the individual but every single person testing positive had their drink spiked and as every matelot knows, sympathy is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

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