Medical question...joining up?

Hi all,

I need some advice around the medical side of things please.

Back in January I applied to join the RNR. I did pretty will in terms of the selection process, I passed the selection tests, interview, medical etc and the last step was PJFT which I was given a date for.

I then found out I was expecting my first baby!

My baby is due anytime now and my question is this...

In the future I would like to re-apply to join the reserves, I know that I would have to do the whole process from scratch which I don't have an issue with as I worked really hard last time to make sure I was fit/healthy/revised for the tests/up to date with current affairs etc.

But I would like to know how long you have to wait after child birth before you can apply? I seem to believe it may be two years until you can apply again (if I remember rightly from the previous medical questionnaire that I filled out) but does anyone know the exact answer to this question?

Not looking for judgement here, I have attended numerous nights at the RNR base when I was going through my applications and met lots of parents there who had young children etc. who informed me that's it's do-able when you have children. Also sister in law is in the Army reserves and she has three very young children.

Thanks all.


I saw recently on my medical questionnaire that current pregnancy or child birth within the last 2 years is bar to entry.

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