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I have had a look around on the forum but can not see a similar situation to mine.

I joined the Royal Navy Reserve five years ago passing my medical with no eye sight issues, and being classed in the VA2 category. Two years ago I decided that i wanted to join full time as a Submariner, and had to undergo another medical. As I passed my first medical three years before I was expecting to pass this second one, but to my surprise I was made permanent unfit for service. I was told because I had a slight squint and no binocular vision, that this would bar my entry to the RN full time. At the time I did appeal with a letter from an eye consultant, who stated that the squint and no binocular vision were not an issue and caused no vision problems.

I have since then gone on to complete my weapons training along with a number of other courses, and my eye sight has never been an issue. Unfortunately, although I could have squint surgery they is no operation to correct binocular vision.

I find it strange that an eye condition that I have shown causes no issues, can stop me from joining full time. I have spoken to my local AFCO but they have said they can do nothing more, or it seems as if there sticking to the book.

My question is this- Is there anyway to get a waiver or to at least have my case looked at again? As I am currently serving as a Reservist and have passed weapons and a number of other courses.



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Assuming you appealed and it was not upheld then unfortunately, I cannot imagine what a further appeal without new evidence would achieve.

A word of caution on appeals, given that the medical standards for eyesight apply equally for reservists...

I recently learned of a guy that appealed against his medical rejection for his first preference branch, even though he had an entry date allocated for his fallback branch. Not only was the appeal unsuccessful but a hitherto unknown issue was brought to light from his civilian medical records which made him completely ineligible to join in any branch.
Hi Ninja Stoker you answered my question above a while back, but I had to create a new account (password reset did not work)

A friend who is joining at the moment found this link navy responsive/documents/reference library/brd1750a/BRd1750A - Book/ch06.pdf#page6

And on page 6 it mentions that perfect binocular vision is not an essential requirement, and that a squint is ok if cosmetically acceptable. Having read that I'm confused as to why I was prevented from joining, as it seems from that I could have joined. I'm I reading this right, or just get the wrong end of the stick. I have emailed the Chief last had an email from in the local office, but no reply yet so he may have moved on.


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Best of luck with it - hopefully the BR1750A reference is current and applicable in your case. Certainly worth a shot.

The Joint Service Publication with regard eyesight entry standards is uploaded below - hopefully this may also assist in your quest.

Best of luck!


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