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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sailor98, Jun 4, 2015.

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  1. Hi, i'm new to this, although have been reading the website for a while!
    I had my first medical back in march, where i was made TMU because i have a condition in my left eye called Duane Syndrome. It means my left eye does not move outwards. My vision in my left eye has been corrected with glasses and i can see clearly out of my right eye. The doctor at my first medical required more information from my GP. The letter was sent to the SMO. I am supposed to have a medical next thursday but was emailed by my careers advisor and told not to go as the doctor will send me a letter with the outcome instead. Has anyone experienced anything like this before, and if so how long did it take, just wondering on whether i will receive a letter next week or will have to wait longer, thankyou [​IMG]
  2. Yeah I experienced the same. It's what they refer to a "paper medical" they just evaluate all the information received. My AFCO advised me before I received any letter (that said, I did contact him and he said it does say medically fit on his system, just was just waiting for a letter from the examiner)

    I wish you the best of luck.
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  3. thankyou so much! Was yours for an eye problem or something else? Good luck to you too (if you're not in already) :)
  4. Mine was Asthma, had it when I was a child. And thanks, yeah I leave in July.
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  5. good luck with training :)!
  6. Hi there,

    I have been off the asthma register for 7 years.

    Passed my RT Test, Eye and has my medical last week. The doctor I saw was great - said not to worry about a thing and he knows it was a mis-diagnosis. I also left him a letter from my GP confirming the date I was removed from the asthma register. He said he had signed me off as fit but a week later my AFCO says I have been made Temp Unfit awaiting confirmation from my GP. Bit of a run-around but hopefully I will sort soon.

    I just wondered how soon you got your fitness test in and whether the asthma on your records effected your application much?


  7. Doesn't really effect anything to be frank. If you're happy to pester you GP about getting the letter out you'll be sorted. Once your AFCO has the "A" ok from the medical examiner he'll book your fitness test.

    Good luck!
  8. good luck to you both! as expected it was a PMU for me, although i am going to try and appeal is the reason stated isn't entirely true! hope you get your medical sorted soon jess :)
  9. That's gash mate! Hope you get it sorted.
  10. me too! double vision they said i have, i haven't experienced double vision in as long as i can remember considering it has been corrected with glasses. Will have to see how i get on, if not i'm going to apply for RFA i think, see if their medical standards are less strict!
  11. Sorry to hear that! Good luck with your appeal!
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