Medical query.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by tegr17, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Alright guys, after a year of patiently waiting I finally got a letter through for my medical wooo! So now I'm starting to get paranoid and over think every little possible thing that could fail me, anyway during the summer I get a runny nose and sneeze due to hayfever but it only happens a few days. Can this make me fail my medical?
  2. It can, but probably won't.
  3. Thanks for the quick answer, well I bloody well hope it doesn't. I'll be devastated if I fail.
  4. Blow your nose before you go in and don't sneeze when your in there...simples.
  5. Your up in Glasgow? Go for submarines then, and get home more often! No pollen grains onboard as far as I know, and zero tolerance to tins of foo-foo (talcum powder). EVERYBODY ends up coughing, farting and sneezing on a boat at some stage so you'll fit right in.
  6. Hahaha Billy I'm joining to get away from Glasgow for as long as possible, although you make some very valid points, I'll just need to man up and handle the itchy eyes!
  7. At sea no one can hear you sneeze. Does that sound familiar to you? Just a thought.

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