Medical query - heart condition


After having an electrocardiograph test (ECG), I’ve been found to have a prolonged QT and consecutive premature ventricular complexes.

I’m fit, active and have had no symptoms/problems with my heart. It’s just by chance that these two conditions have been found.

Can anyone advise on whether this is a bar from entry? I can’t see it listed on the Royal Navy medical eligibility section.



War Hero
As stated, definitive medical advice can only be given by a qualified service health professional.

Suffice to say heart murmours are common and the majority "benign" and therefore not an issue. You are advised to submit a copy of your medical notes relating to the condition and recent ECG together with your completed eyetest form and medical questionnaire prior to your medical triage call, after sitting the recruit test, to save delays. They would otherwise need to write to your GP for this information and that aspect can otherwise add weeks/months to the process.