Medical Query {Females}

Hi all, I am an 18 year old female looking to join the Royal Navy as an officer after achieving four A's at A-level in Physics, Maths, Computing and English Literature. I am well within BMI limits and am generally very fit, have no allergies, good eyesight, no family history of health issues. However in the medical eligibility criteria, for females 'chronic pelvic pain' and 'endometriosis' are automatic disqualifiers for joining. While growing up until approximately a year ago I did suffer with severe pelvic pain during my menstrual cycle, however I have not had any episodes in a year now. I did have an operation 6 months ago after cysts were found on an ovary to search for endometriosis but none was found. The pain I experienced seems to have settled down since I more or less finished puberty, and I now have a form of contraception which stops menstruation entirely. Would my history of pelvic pain, despite having had no issues for over a year, be likely to disqualify me from entry?

Thanks in advance for any responses. :)

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