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I have searched but can't find anything relevant and I have declared it on my medical forms...

If a routine smear test comes back with abnormal results which results in treatment - nothing serious, just a outpatient appointment, over and done with in 20min and no problems since, would this probably mean Id be TMU? Or told to come back in however many years?

The treatment was called large loop excision.

There was no indication of anything serious, for example cervical cancer, it was just a precaution apparently!

Sorry if it's a bit 'too much info'!
Any help would be appreciated


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Not an expert as my medical years are way behind me, but the published info seems to suggest that this is done because there are abnormal cells that need removed - precautionary in a way, but due to existing as opposed to potential findings. Plus there is a follow-up in approx 6 months that are strongly recommended, as part of this is an HPV test as well as confirmation that the procedure was successful in removing the abnormal cells.

However, your AFCO and medico are the only ones who can give you the real answer in your particular case. What is important is that you let them know about it ASAP so they can consider it. Worse that can happen is your application is deferred.

If you don't, and it comes up later during review of records, your application may be dropped.

As usual, the recommendation is that (up-front) honesty is the best policy.


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Unless @nemesis1066 is available to answer, PM me & I'll give an email address so you may ask the subject matter expert direct for guidance.

Either way, I sincerely hope all goes well, it's very much appreciated these issues can understandably be a concern.

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