Medical Query: 'Disturbances in Heart Rhythm'.


This post from 2011 off the PRMC forum appears to be something similar, and doesn't sound too good in terms of a successful outcome..

Aril 27. 2011:


Basically, I used to occasionally have palpitations when I undertook heavy exercisebut I thankfully don't get them anymore. It's been 18 months since the last one and that was only a minor one. I also learnt that I could just crack on through it after learning that it wasn't anything malicious through a series of tests at Papworth, where they specialise in heart problems.

I told the doctor at my medical about them as, quite frankly, it's an issue that shouldn't even come in to the decision to allow me to join. However, I got sent back after a while (to Ipswich - a four hour round trip!) so that the doctor could open an email and read it out to me saying I was "currently considered unfit for service". I'm travelling at the moment so I obviously can't get hold of my local AFCO to talk to them about it (I will do when I get home but that's over three months away). I'm putting together an appeal against the decision with a strong letter from the cardiologist I saw at Papworth.

Has anyone else been through the application process who used to suffer from palpitations and what was the outcome?

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The bottom line is you'll be asked to produce a recent ECG if a heart defect is either detected by the medical examiner during the medical or if it's in your medical records and/or declared on the medical questionnaire.

The danger is delving too deeply into the technical aspects - if it's benign you're OK. If the medical examiner is unable to declare you fit to enter on the day it'll be referred to an Occupational Health specialist or a cardiologist if needs be.

The main thing is not to let it put you off applying and heading-off unnecessary delays at the pass by providing the medical data on the condition in time to meet the first appointment.

Statistically, most are proven to be OK but it's impossible for anyone here to second guess without the qualified technical knowledge and access to a recent ECG.

Good luck, stay positive.


Thanks Ninja. As I said earlier on in the thread. A picked up arrhythmia, heart palpitation, or whatever you want to call it is entirely different to heart murmurs. Murmurs aren't considered a disturbance in the hearts rhythm, they're just extra sounds the heart can make. I think what I've learnt though, is that only a serving Commander Consultant Cardiologist is the one who will have the definitive answer as to whether it's a bar or not. The Medical Examiner will have no choice but to send it higher up for an answer anyway, I'm sure that will happen. So far, the cardiologists who carried out my echo, and two GPs I saw say these events are completely benign and irrelevant to your health. Gives me no option but to stay positive on that basis.