Medical Query (corrective jaw surgery)

I just received my medical forms, and will be attending a medical examination in the coming weeks.
Does anyone have any information regarding the eligibility to join after having corrective jaw surgery. 3 Months ago i had double jaw surgery, and the titanium plates used to re-position the jaw remain under the skin.

I hope that because the surgery was not on a limb and does not affect my exercise or mobility that this will not be an issue in the medical, however as i am applying for the clearance diver branch i have my doubts.


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Ultimately the only person that can give definitive advice is the AFCO Medical Examiner - once he/she has a full copy of your medical records relating to the condition/procedure.

Generally speaking, most surgical procedures require that you are twelve months free from treatment before you start leaping into Horsea Lake & contracting all manner of infectious diseases, etc. Plates & Pins can sometimes be an issue - particularly if they are temporary.

@nemesis1066 may be able to give you a more accurate pointer.Ultimately, there's only one way to find out for certain.

Either way, best of luck.


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I doubt this post is still live... But can I ask if the jaw surgery was a bar to entry or not? I've had the same surgery...
I had my diving medical 5 months after surgery and the doctor asked me to demonstrate full range of motion in my jaw. I was given the go ahead with no further investigation once id done that. She also mentioned that she was referring me as fit, but the final decision would be made by the navy. I've got my PRNC next week so I assume that all is well.

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@apipanippa Wow, thank you so so much for replying!!
I'm around 10 months post op and only had lower jaw surgery. Took my hospital 4 months to send my medical records over and should have my medical next week. I was so worried this surgery would be a bar to entry
No problem, I didn't even need to bring my medical records and had double jaw surgery so I think you'll be all good with that.

All the best

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Pins, screws, plates - anything metal implanted for fractures or corrective surgery is usually acceptable as long as there is no sensitivty / pain over the sites. Also, you will usually have to wait at least a year since the repair / surgery to allow for total bone healing.
One factor is if the metalwork is permanent or planned for removal after 12 - 24 months or so - this removal may impede your entry, but that will be determined by the AFCO ME.
I can't recall issues for divers, but they are a special group and as such you will see a specialist HSE registered Dr for your medical, who will know.

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