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I had my paper review medical following on from being made TMU in January of this year, my case was then handed to Occ. Health which was then forwarded onto SMO(SE). after being handed to SMO(SE) my case was then referred back to Capita and another paper review took place which then requested more information of my condition. Is this normal? could anyone shed some light on this please.
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Hi Chover...I can only speak based on my own experience, but this doesn't sound unusual. I have just last week been cleared fit to proceed after a very long 14-month process getting through the medical, and had several instances of being bounced back and forth with occasional requests for more information on a few things. What I learned is this: Capita can only apply the guidelines as they have them (that's JSP 950), but they can't make judgement calls on grey areas or cases with extenuating circumstances. So it's common to be made TMU while they either, a) request more info from your GP, or b) pass it on to a Naval SMO for a decision which requires a judgement of assumed risk. If the SMO decides that more info is needed before he/she can make that kind of judgement call, it will get passed back to Capita to gather more info (this sounds like where you are at now). From my own experience, if they've requested that you provide further information, once you've submitted what they've requested, another paper review will take place at which point Capita will make another decision. This could have the end result of: passed fit to proceed, TMU with a request for more info, PMU (though you may appeal if you have further evidence), or passed back to the SMO for a final decision.

Try not to worry too much over the process or how long it takes. It's not easy to be patient when there's no knowing if you'll eventually make it through, but there's not much else you can do and it can take a long time. If you are made PMU, familiarise yourself with the relevant bit of JSP 950, and if you think you have a case that you fit within those guidelines you can make an appeal which will go back to the SMO. You will need expert evidence, though, (GP, specialist, surgeon, etc) to back this up and make the argument for why you should be considered fit to proceed.

Good luck!


Thank you for your really in depth reply!! Has put my mind at rest, think I have another paper review coming up in the next couple of weeks, will post in here how it goes!

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