Medical query (Back Pain)


Good morning, I have a query I recently applied to join the army which is not where I wanted to go so have put an application in for the Royal Navy as chef submariner, anyway during the army process my gp records were requested and it was flagged that I had back pain 2 years ago and was referred to physio which I did not attend I went back many weeks later but apparently this has been put down as a 20 week back pain problem which was muscular due to gym work. Anyway my question is how can I prove that this is not going to cause me an issue because as far as I understand it will be a bar to entry. I am willing and wanting to fight all the way for this career.

Thanks in advance.


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So having failed the Army tests you have decided that you really wanted to join the RN, luckily you have also gone for what is perhaps the shortest waiting list for entry. Apart from those observation I can't help.


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Speak to your recruiter to clarify the situation for you, then you should have your answer and know your way forward, like it or not?
Good luck