Medical problems... again!


There are no questions to this post. I just thought I’d share my negative experience of the medical process since I started my application.

After having my initial medical in May 2017, I was made TMU (temporarily medically unfit) as I fractured my wrist in 2003 and sprained my knee in 2005. After about 4 months of back and forth correspondence between Capita and my GP, I eventually had to contact the hospital records management department myself, paying my own money for everything they still had on file for these conditions. After reviewing the documents and having another in person medical review, they passed me medically fit in October 2017.

I’ve since completed the PJFT in 9m16s and the PRNC run in 9m33s so there are no issues at all when I comes to my fitness. It’s also worth noting that my wrist and knee have been fine ever since the injuries from 13-15 years ago.

As the medical expired this month (May 2018) I’ve had to go back today for another medical before I can join in September 2018. I thought everything would be fine since I’ve had no new conditions arise in the past year since I was made medically fit.... However, the doctor began by saying she had gone back to last year’s medical, reviewed all of the documents and noted that on the MRI report from my 2005 knee injury, it says that although there was no obvious ligament damage, there was probably a small fracture on the bone. She said this type of fracture on the joint is a permanent bar to entry but since they made a mistake by not spotting this last year, they’re referring it to the chief medical officer to make the final call on whether it’s a bar from entry or not.

I’m absolutely gutted as it was so stressful not knowing whether I’d be allowed to join last year when I was TMU and was so happy and relieved when I finally got passed fit. Now they’ve gone back to an issue they previously passed me for and are saying it will likely stop me from being able to join... gutted! The careers staff have said they’ll appeal it but I’m not getting my hopes up.

And another thing... if by some miracle I get passed fit for my knee, the doctor said I have a low heart rate which makes me TMU. She said low heart rates are usually just a sign of a fit and athletic person but apparently anything below 50 needs to be checked with my GP to make sure I have no underlying condition. Mine was 46 this time which is why she picked up on it. But she went back to see what it was at my medical last year and it was 42 but nothing was queried about the even lower heart rate last year. They are so inconsistent!