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I’m looking for advice please, I have completed all entry tests and I am due for entry within 2 months.

I went to see my dentist yesterday and was told I need one, maybe 2 of my wisdom teeth out. It’s a 4-6 week wait to be referred to a specialist, then it’s a 14-20 week wait for the tooth to be pulled. Obviously I have spoke to a careers advisor, I’m not going to repeat what was said. But officially it would be a 6 month wait after the tooth being pulled, until I could reapply.

So I have 2 options, I go down to HMS Raleigh and on my second day when we have the dental check up, hope and pray they do not discharge me. As I’m not in any pain. If I am discharged, as I would have already quit my job I would be jobless without any chance of a re join for a long time.

Or I go down the official route of waiting a year and having to start the whole process again, this means I would be 31 years old when I would next apply.

It’s taken me a year to get to this point already, to say I’m gutted is an understatement. I was thinking of maybe booking a weeks holiday from work on the first week of training, so if I am discharged I would simply return to work after the holiday. But as my holiday at work starts from April, if I stayed in I would owe them holiday and it’s not a very fitting way to go seems as I have worked at my job for 10 years.

But I’m unsure, any advice is welcome, this website has been like my bible through the joining process and I would also like to take the chance to thank you all for you help and advice.


Hello mate, I had a similar situation, I got made TMU at my medical last year as I needed root canal treatment finished, I went the next week to my dentist to get it done as the appointment had already been made and the dentist broke the tooth while working on it and couldn’t get it out, because of the position of the tooth I had to get dental surgery done and I waited 5 months for an appointment, I’m 36 and will turn 37 while at Raleigh so it really is my only chance, my advice would be speak to your afco as the dentist at Raleigh could maybe just recommend you need the treatment done before phase 2, I’m pretty sure I’ve read that this has happened before


I don’t understand
If your not having any pain or problem what’s the issue with the wisdom tooth.
If it’s impacted then it can be removed at any stage. Join up see the dentist and mention it’s not a bother but your covey dentist recommends them being removed

I had my first one extracted in a field hospital near king khaled military city during the gulf war
The other three by the navy in Hospital a year later

Don’t worry about it and enjoy your career

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