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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chris1337, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Hey,

    I had my RT a couple of weeks ago, coincidently didn't get high enough mark for ME but did for SS, so now i'm going for SS which i originally wanted to do but,went for ME as i thought the waiting list was shorter.


    I have my medical in a couple of weeks but i have this weird phobia of doctors i don't know touching me an using the medical equipment on me(doctors). well when i joined the gym the guy took my heart an blood pressure an said hmm that don't seem good, but i did say well i'm just nervous (scared) lol. Will the doctor make an allowance if he knows i'm nervous? (which obviously makes my heart beat fast an blood pressure go up.)

    For the PJFT i was looking at a few threads about it, but i only see people talking about the treadmill run, i have no problem with that so it seems as my last record was 11.01secs.
    Though it said shuttle run 5 x 55 secs? :S, press ups -23 and sit ups- 39 on the sheet i got gave.
    I'm not 100% sure about how i'll do for the shuttle run as i don't really know exactly what you have to do.
    The press ups i think i'll be alright.

    The situps are they done where you have to come up all the way?
    I have never had back pains or problems, but i've been trying to do them coming up all the way but my lower back crunches an it doesn't feel right at all, i can do them where i don't come up all the way , but that's not right, right? Also do you have to do them all in one go?

    The interview -

    If i manage to get this far does anyone have any good tips? The CA said they ask stuff about your family and what seems personal, is it best to be honest or a few porkys wont hurt? :S

    I hope these questions don't seem too silly, i'm just so nervous of messing up D:
  2. I didn't know that RT mattered for SS, I thought it was just blonde hair and blue eyes that swung it.
  3. :laughing3:

    Edited to add not laughing at you Sol, meant for Guzzler's post.
  4. You have a phobia of people you don't know touching you!? How you going to feel about living in close quarters?
  5. Get a grip... you dont like people touchin you????????/

    Pish off
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I know for a fact people like touching you. Especially when they are holding a stun gun.
  7. ... I mean like when they take your blood an heart (rate)..

    Sorry, i'm just not one for getting touched, each to their own Deano sounds like you love it, fair doos

    Edited original post: Obviously didn't make myself clear enough.

    Edited for guzzler: didn't quite finish my sentance :<
  8. Don't worry Chris, they won't take your blood and heart.

    You'd die you see?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you don't believe what the Careers Adviser tells you, and think it's worth considering making a fraudulent application, then try telling porkies. Your seat down the JobCentre will doubtless keep warm for a few moments whilst you're away from it. Remember to take a ball of wool so you find the way back to it.

    Not at all. There's plenty of like-minded numpties knocking around.
  10. Are you saying be 100% honest, even if you think saying the true answer to the question may jeopardize passing?

    - Thanks for the links Sol.
  11. My bold, yes! If you are dishonest you will be found out eventually. Honesty can be the best policy and lying to get in to the Navy isn't the best policy.
  12. If you don't say the truth and they find out during their security checks you will be seen as dishonest and therefore not fit to be in the service. How can you expect the navy to trust you with valuble assets or a weapon capable of killing someone if you're a liar? Also they have to think about the impact you will have on your oppo's, would you feel comfortable leaving valuables in your room with someone who is known to be dishonest?

    If you tell the truth and they find out what you have done they may just ignore it, as you have been honest from the start and therefore a changed man.
  13. I understand and respect what you're all saying, i was just asking, what i had in mind isn't anything serious anyway.

    This is JUST an example but like being honest about some things could lead to..

    CA: what's your relationship with your mother?

    Me: She's a drug using weirdo.. blah blah

    CA: *thinks he's running away from it all*

    That was an example, but yeah..
  14. Aslong as said medical equipment doesn't start going up your... you know what.

    Just relax and think of it as for a good cause!
  15. You're right. Bad example, you know what i'm trying to say though.

    Lol you seem good with your words, i guess i need to write down all the questions i think i'm going to get asked an get smart on how to answer them truthfully :>
  16. Thats the best way I got my friends and family to ask me questions then rate my answers and suggest ways of answering the questions better.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is appreciated & accepted that when questioned a fair percentage of civilian individuals admit to having lied to get a job. The difference is that the Armed Forces do routinely prosecute fraudulent applicants before sacking them.

    The consequences are far more significant in a job that may routinely require the individual to operate in life-threatening situations.

    Rest assured we have plenty of drug users who want to join the services, let alone their families. All we ask is honesty & we'll be straight with you.

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