Medical, PJFT and Interview

I had my mediacl and my interview on the same day (June last year) but haven't got my pjft until next week because of the waiting times and the fact it's only valid for a year. I suppose every afco does it differently. When did you apply??
I had my medical 11/06/11 -
Took my PJFT 22/06/11 -
Selection Interview booked for 07/07/11.

I received my paperwork about the PJFT on 17/06, and as Emma562 said, you have 28days from receiving your letter to book and complete your test.



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I've got my medical in august, roughly how long is it after the medical until the PJFT and Interview?
To clarify: Differing branches of preference, age, waiting times etc., can vary depending on circumstances.

Generally, from passing medical, an applicant has 28 days to complete the PJFT as correctly stated.

Those applying for a branch with a long waiting period o join, may find they take the test then wait a considerable period before the medical examination.

In some instances an individual, regardless of chosen branch & waiting times, maybe put forward for medical in order to resolve any issues with regard their medical suitability. in all other cases, the PJFT must be taken within the statutory 28 days.

Once an individual passes both the medical examination and the PJFT, an interview will normally follow within about 4 weeks in most cases. Those who applied a year or two back may well have been interviewed before the medical examination or indeed passing the PJFT.

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