Medical- Pectus Evactum

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ryanhawk7, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. been for my medical today and have been left uncertain about my future.

    The Dr said he couldnt pass/fail me because he noticed my inverted chest. he said that i passed everything including my lung function test. he showed me a ruling that said it can bar entry if it effects lung fuction and in my case it dosent. how come he has had to refer my medical? and has anyone experinced this or have any information about this condition and how it affects entry. Oh and this is my second medical and i passed the first one but its now expired.

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  2. Posting the same question twice won't get an answer any quicker.
  3. didnt mean to lad.. just adding info x
  4. Oh dear, it's my fault again, WreckerL.

    I moved the thread to Health and Fitness to make it more visible to AngryDoc and the system allowed me to leave an expiring redirect which expires in an hour. At that point, the question will only be visible once ie in H and F and the Newbies one will have vanished.

    I might have to start doing a 'Move' and then a 'Delete' when I move things, I fear.

    Back to Hogwarts for a Refresher ....

    Sorry, Ryan.
  5. It's alright Sol. He called me lad, if only he knew eh!!
  6. The term is pectus excavatum.

    You have been referred for further assessment, probably further lung function tests to ensure there is no respiratory restriction. Depending on what's already been done you may be passed or failed without a face-to-face assessment.
  7. Phoned careers office to find out about my medical and I've passed just booked in for fitness test
  8. Follow the course of Dr Barnett of NY, New York and you'll soon have a chest like my bruvver Sylvest....
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