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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Guest99, Apr 27, 2014.

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  1. My son is in the process of applying for entry as an AET. He is 16 yrs old & coming up to his 17th birthday in May.
    He has passed his RT & Interview & has recently taken his Medical.
    Because of " hayfever with a wheeze" being on his Medical records, he was asked to complete a 28 day Peak Flow Chart.
    He has done this & the results were sent to the Dr.
    Last week he attended a second apointment where the Dr looked at the results and said " they`re fine" but he had to send them to a " Higher Authority, because of the wheeze".
    Having spent hours looking at numerous posts on here relating to Peak Flow/wheeze problems ,we were hoping that the Dr would have looked at the results & given the thumbs up, given that if some of the posts we have read on here to be true, that has happened to people in the past that had been users of Inhalers & also a record of Asthma in the past !
    My son had just 1 incident when he was 12 (summer of 99,over 4yrs clear) when he had a bad day of hayfever(did not take a tablet). His Dr prescibed an Inhaler (which was never picked up or used). He takes Ceterizine but only a few weeks a year & only a handful times in 2012 & not at all last year.
    His GP submitted a letter stating that was the only time it happened & no problems since .
    His Peak Flow results were all average or above with 540 being the lowest & 560 being the highest. He is 59.4 KG or 9st 5lb and is 5ft 9in.
    The medical/results are being carried out by Capita Health, and the AFCO said the Senior Occupational Doctor will make the decision.
    Nothing else on his medical record, he has played competitve Football for 10 yrs(no wheezing) & very fit & active.
    Is this standard procedure for the Dr to send off results or just if they feel they don`t or can`t make decision ? Or is it because of his young age ?
    We feel he has satisfied the criteria, over 4 years clear, no steriods used, no Inhaler used & provided good Peak Flow results. We were surprised he was not asked to give a couple of Peak Flow Readings when he went for to see the Dr for the 2nd time.
    Apologies for length of post, just wanted to get all info down.
    Hope we are worrying unduly, but would hate to think sons hopes will be dashed because of GP`s eagerness to prescibe inhaler to use if needed !
  2. Thanks Angrydoc, was hoping you would come back with that.
    Puts our minds at rest a little, though wont be getting to carried away till we know for sure but at least it should give our lad something to take his mind off thinking about it, he`s got his AS Exams over next 3 weeks !
    His AFCO said he should know about 2 weeks time & he went for 2nd medical last Tues 22nd, so fingers crossed !
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst not qualified medically to advise definitively, I can't see, from the circumstances described, any reason to send of his results unless there has been a recent history of a precautionary inhaler prescribed, there's a bigger than average variance on the peak flow diary, a wheeze could be heard or.... It's a newly contracted doc. When Capita take-on a new doc every decision has to be verified for the first few weeks they are in post. Prescribed drugs for hayfever can be an issue.
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  4. Hi Ninja, it was the same Doctor my lad seen on both occasions which were about 7 weeks apart.
    How long he had been there, I dont know so maybe he was still sending off his results.
    On his peak flow, only on one occaison did he blow 540 with the majority being 550 in am, 555 in the eve, with him ending the month blowing 550-560.
    According to the chart the average for his age is 520. The daily readings maximum difference was never more than 20 between am & pm , and the monthly difference, lower to higher, only 30.
    Not sure as to why another Peak Flow was not carried out on 2nd appointment, baffled about that to be honest, and with that and sending off results ,it raised our concerns as we were expecting the ok to be given by the Doctor , considering he has easily met the current standards !
    The hayfever medication is just Ceterizine(piriton) which you can buy most shops but costs nowt when you are under 16 with free prescriptions (reckon the only reason people take their kids to GP with hayfever)
    Hope everything works out right as our lad always seems to get the rough end in so many things.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As stated, I'm not qualified to give a medical opinion, hopefully all will be well as indicated by angrydoc.

    It is interesting that a follow-up peak flow reading wasn't taken at the second appointment. Let's face it, anyone could falsify four weeks of readings. The reason for the peak flow diary is a single service policy, at odds with JSP 950, because the RN couldn't cope with the number of medical appeals for asthma signs and treatment, so decreed everyone with any history would undergo the test - thus delaying everyone in this category by at least a month and incurring extra costs and an administrative burden.

    The Joint Service Publication (JSP 950) is available for download and perusal on our Army colleagues forum (ARRSE), post two: The bit you want is Annex D - Respiratory

    I find it interesting that you feel your lad seems to get the rough end in so many things. With whom are you making the comparison?
  6. Peak Flow diaries are, as NS states, easily created, but having looked at numerous examples there are signs that all is not as it would appear - traits I won't put on here, for obvious reasons.
    Any wheezing is a concern, even with Hayfever. It shows a sensitivity that something else might set off, with potentially disastrous results. This means that I would agree that the Doc is right to seek advice from someone more senior. In this case, it will be a lead Capita Doc, who is very experienced and if a decision is possible, your son's case will go to a RN Occ Med specialist for a final decision.

    I hope the outcome is positive and he can keep going in the process.

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  7. Angrydoc, Ninja, Nemesis,, UPDATE,

    Son had an email today asking him to contact one of two local Health Centres to book PJFT.
    He thought that was strange as his AFCO said they would phone him as soon as they had news of his medical decision,then he opened up attachment from AFCO which told him he had passed !! Huge relief all round !!
    Fitness test booked for 2pm this Bank Holiday Monday.
    Thanks for all your help
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  8. Good to hear that common sense hasn't left the building, hope his PJFT goes well and there are no other speed bumps in his way.

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  9. Hi there wondering if anyone could help??
    My height is 162cm i am 29 years of age
    And weigh 10.5 stone. I can hit 600 sometimes more on my peak and flow
    Is this a good reading ???
    Many thanks
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Give the helpline a call to find out what you should be achieving:
  11. Thanks ninja ! I have spoke to them and I am fine :)

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