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Could anyone give me an insight into the life of a medical officer, what opportunities there are and what is the highest rank a MO is likely to be able to attain?
well you wake up,cure a few cases of leprosy,see to a case of galloping knob rot,abuse the MA's and NN'sfor a bit,off to the Wardroom for a Pink Gin or seven,back to the grindstone and raise the odd dead person then retire to the bar for the evening.As for rank...... Oooooo Surgeon Rear Admiral springs to mind.As for oppertunities there are many oppertunities to get shat,pissed and vomited on as any other medical job.Hope this helps.
And try to trap the Nurses 'cos you reckon you're the bees bollocks; and expect to be genuflected to 'cos "I'm a doctor!" And the worst thing is you can have is an online personality which uses the name "Doc" which anybody with any experience of the RN knows is the name for a Medical Branch Rating, not a QUACK!


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...also, the PMO has to ensure that he conducts the disposal of out-of-date drugs at 1145 on a Friday morning, and specifically requests that a Regulator is in attendance... :evil:
Then of course you will have to impress your civvy mates with tales of Flower pots and bottles of Aftershave stuffed up various orifices.Not forgetting humerous tattoos in funny places.
Plus the Ratings will play the ever fun game of "Get the Quack to make you Quack" game, in which they come to you with all forms of ailments, baiting you to touch their outter and innermost private parts, and if they get you to make them Quack loud enough they get a coke.


And you also learn to go to to find out lots about life as an MO!

Basically, chat to your AFCO, they will get you onto an acquaint visit which entails a 3 day visit to Portsmouth, a tour of the various facilities and lots of beer with a select group of MOs who will tell you everything - warts and all.

(proper doctor ;) )

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