medical officer pipeline


hi guys, i am a medical student currently applying for naval cadetship. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the pipeline. I understand that NEMOs have an accelerated experience at brnc, but i am finding it difficult to obtain specifics. cheers in advance!


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Hi Willson!

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One of the Moderators on here (of the Health and Fitness Forum) is a RN Doctor and will be a positive mine of information on this.

I've just messaged him to let him know about your question; hopefully, he will be doing a Rum Ration ward round shortly and will sort you out!


I wasn't a cadet, but the basic scheme of things is:
- Medical school, with some RN things thrown into the holidays
- Qualify (yay)
- Foundation jobs in a Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit (Plymouth, Portsmouth, Camberley, Northallerton, Peterborough or Birmingham)
- BRNC post-F2 along with remainder of NEMO course
- General Duties Medical Officer (GDMO) for up to 3 years (the best bit - out at sea / under the sea / with the bootnecks getting up to derring do)
- Specialty Training +/- various deployments and exercises
- CCT and Consultancy, with deployments dependent on specialty.

Be aware that not every specialty is available, and your geographic location is very variable and will be decided for you!

PM me if you want more info.
angrydoc I was wondering if you could answer a few questions I have about being a GDMO and the training that occurs after your general duties is finished. Would you mind if I PM'd you?