Medical Officer- NEMO Course and BRNC SIC

Waiting to start the NEMO course in Sept!
Anyone else about who's doint it too?
Any hints and tips from people who have done it and the SIC at BRNC?

Please, please do the following:

When some snotty Lt RN who's at BRNC for needing 'special attention' insists on you calling him Sir at every possible opportunity, comply. And when you all stripe up to Surg Lt Cdr RN, and he tries to call you 'mate', tell him to do one and insist he calls you 'Sir'. It certainly raises the morale of the young OCs hanging about C Block!!!
Better still do what the Late Surg Cdr Sea*us G**r did!

A heated exchange in the sickbay

Ships Cdr: "You sir are a disgrace to the uniform"

Surg Cdr Gr**r: "When we take these uniforms off I'll be a doctor and you'll be a C*nt"!

LMA (me): sniggers in the background :lol:

Surg Cdr Greer: Fancy a coffee Leader the Cdr was just leaving.


Have to say I disagree.

Medical Officers often get a bad name for not "playing the game". It's a pain in the ass as it's a view that persists. If you can swallow your pride for Phase 1 and get used to the fact that you, as a 25-ish year old, will have to call a snotty 18 year old Sir as he criticises your ironing you'll be better in the long run. If you start acting up and cause problems (at least one in every division does this) then the whole Division suffers as a result.

BRNC is a fantastic place, and great fun, but you only really realise this in the last couple of weeks.

Turn your brain off, do as you are told, and look forward to time in the Fleet!
Play the game by all means, but sometimes people need to know that 14 weeks at BRNC doesn't make them Gods. We suffering slightly from a young YO at the moment who is making hard work of the transition from 'Big Fish, Little Pool' to 'Little Fish, Bigger Pool'!

Anyway, ,BRNC is a minor public school with an overactive CCF, I wouldn't take it as any reflection on the *true* Navy!!!

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