Medical Officer Cadetship Forms! HELP!


I am a 3rd year medical student currently applying for a cadetship with the Navy to be a medical officer.
I recently had my interview at my AFCO with a captain, which I passed and am now being passed onto the AIB. The captain gave me a form (AFCO form 104: Application for commision in the Naval Service: Supplement to AFCO Form 4(RN)) to fill in and send away to the Officer Careers Liason Center, which I have tried doing.
However, on the Second page, (Part 3-Entry Preferences) there is no space to tick for Medical officer entry, only Sub-Specialisations of Warfare, aviation etc.
On first applying, I recieved the same form which was replaced with a Medical officer specific form, which I cannot remember the name of, and have tried talking to my AFCO, but they assure me this is the right form!

Any ideas?