Medical Monday - Scoliosis

Hi just been to my doc regarding a slight curve in my back.

Doc says its definately scoliosis and that I was likely born with it and it shouldn't affect my life in any way whatsoever.

(obviously you get people with scoliosis having completely fucked up backs and all sorts of surgery etc.)

but mine is so slight I didn't notice it until my dad pointed it out when I was changing into a different top.

I've been weight training since the age of 17(22 now so in great shape) but seeing as I'm going for AET it's pretty much going to be a blanket ban isnt it?

Got medical monday so if anyone qualified can let me know you'd save me and the guys at Luton a lot of hassle!
Hi Richie,

My suggestion is to continue with the selection and talk it through with the Doctor at your pre-entry medical. It is not a complete bar to entry, it depends of the severity and only the entry Doctor can make that decision as we are not medically trained.

Hope this helps


Cheers I'm pretty depressed and pissed off about it!

I curl 17kgs on a daily basis...and have been weight training/swimming and running since I was 17 so that's 5 years into pretty damn good shape if I'm allowed to blow my own trumpet!

So to be barred cos of a slight bloody birth defect ( my dad and my girlfriend said before i went doc theres no way it was scoliosis!) just pisses me off!!

Thanks for replying though


Lantern Swinger
zRichi - If the scoliosis is only mild and not progressive, you could be OK mate. I would have sought the opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon on this one, they are the experts (and I use the phrase literally). GPs etc like most people have their limitations and can sometimes be a bit blank on specialties like orthopaedics. An 'orthopod' could at least give an informed opinion and possible prognosis of your condition - good luck.
Hahaha **** you dudes!

Na it's not progressive at all and 4to8 you funny ****** you! I'm betting I could bench more, curl more, run further and pretty much beat your ass at any sport you could try me at!

Na when I finished university I spent a year teaching in china. Will probably **** off back there and get my mandarin more fluent if I'm not allowed in. *sigh*

Let ya know how it goes Monday though and gonna go back to the GP to get a referral to an orthopod
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