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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by PRC-349, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hello Chaps

    New to this forum and indeed this site (spend most the free time on arrse) however i have a question aimed specifically at service in the Royal Marines.

    I am currently in the TA but wish to go into regular service with a regiment/corps that
    a) get stuck in the thick of it
    b) offer a very good chance of deployment

    But, after applying for the Royal Anglian Regiment earlier this month i was told the Army has a 3 year med free policy on ADHD.

    So my question is: Do the Royal Marines have the same policy?

    Your help is most appreciated


  2. Probably, check this link from Ninja Stoker regarding Medical Policies, under the Psychiatric conditions.

    A question for you, if you're in the TA why don't you apply for some courses that will beef up your CV while you wait, or enhance your weekend waryness by going Para or Army Commando.
  3. I think NZ_B has given you your answer, from that thread under conditions that make you medically unfit:

    I guess if you really want to join the Army, you should just stick it out for the 3 years and see what happens. It won't do you any harm to go and speak to the careers office about it though.

    NZ_B - I didn't think there were any Army Commandos anymore. Are there?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep ADHD is a temporary bar to entry as indicated above. In the majority of cases the medical standards for entry are pretty much Tri-Service.

    There are indeed Army Commandos (mainly within 1 Rifles, Royal Engineers & Royal Artillery), for the TA there's 131 Ind Commando Sqn Royal Engineers.

    (All commandos are trained by the Royal Marines.)
  5. I'm quite surprised you manage in the TA with ADHD, to be honest.
  6. You should be OK in the RAF Regiment...
  7. Wow, thanks for the endorsement.
    All the 'information' you included in your post was in mine, so what was the point? Just trying to increase your posting score?
    I see that you have the usual Newbie passion for answering questions and then proving your own ignorance in the next sentence.
    Do us all a favour and refrain from answering questions about which you know nothing.
  8. I get on quite well to be honest, always willing to go the extra mile however means have to be VERY careful when it comes to drink.

    As for everyone else thank for the help.
  9. Posts have been deleted. This is outrageous!
  10. Me n nails know toooooo much for our own good!
  11. You don't know when to ferk off though do you Emo girl?

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