Medical Issue


My fiance is currently in hold over at HMS Raleigh, he has his heart set on the submarine service.

Is there anyone on here who has medical knowledge or has had the same/simular problem (very unlikely I admit) The medical he first had when he started basic training showed a slightly underactive Tyroid, additional tests have shown that his Pitority gland rate was high. He got back from the hospital today (this was delayed by 3 months becuase his paperwork was not sent off by the medical team by mistake) his gland level was 8 and then 9.5 its ment to be 4-6 and level 10 causes slight concern so the doctor said, he has another wait for the blood test results.

At the VERY WORST he would need one pill aday and sort it, although the doctor in the hospital does not want to see him agin.

Does anyone know if this would stop him going in the submarine service, his reply tonight when I asked how he would feel was gutted but he would not want to leave but really would be very disappointed.

He is fit otherwise, and did not know of this problem until basic training.

Of course I understand why he cant do his SETT with this over him (he was going to do it in a weeks time)

It sounds as though your fiancee has hypothyroidism. He is lucky to have been diagnosed so early. He will have to take thyroxine tablets every day for the rest of his life. However, once he is stabilised he will be absolutely fine. An annual blood test will enable him to say on the correct dose, which will probably increase as the years pass. The only problem in a Service environment could be being separated from his thyroxine tablets for a week or two; very unlikely. People already in the submarine service can (I think) continue to serve with hypothyroidism, but I am not sure if he can join with it.
Thanks wardmaster, really hope he can he has had his heart set on it from day one, have to wait for the blood tests again oh it all takes so long!
Thanks I will keep you posted hopefully if all is well he can squeeze SETT into this hold over period he is looking forward to it with a nervous energy!

He has his submarine fire training next week and then his SA course starts on the 6th March so maybe time, if not he will have to do it in June after the SA course.

But this hold over is so boring he hates sitting about doing nothing, although he did get an order to go to a function to make up numbers and eat "fat boy cakes" last week, so not all bad.

Thanks Again
I've just noticed the advertising links pushing "snake oil" remedies to thyroid patients. These "remedies" are highly questionable and I don't think that they should be advertised on this site. The site owners are obviously selling space to anybody who will line their pockets, and they have the brass neck to ask for donations!