Medical in two weeks.

Hello all,

This is my first post on this forum. I have recently been contacted and informed I will be doing a medical in 2 weeks. So I was wondering what happens during the medical or what to expect. Just curious and excited to find out and get this stage done :). Appogies if this has been posted about before it is hard browsing forums via my iPhone.

Many thanks .
one thing that is annoying me or causing me concern is that im still getting over a clold that has been passed around the workplace will this be an issue on the medical ? im still coughing , but am fine on peak flow and lung capacity.
Just had mine.

Hearing acuity test/ piss test/blood presure/check for murmers and that other thingy were they listen to your lungs as you breathe with a stethoscope/Weight and height/quick talk about med history.

Nothing serious unless you have an unusual family medical history or persisting ailment.

Takes 20 mins. You get a pass or fail on the back of a brown envelope and you have to take it back to the afco. Easy.

Good luck.
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