Medical in Raleigh

Im due to join the navy next week and was wondering about the medical in week one.
I wanted to know what happens dureing that medical.
I was expecting the full works for the pre joining medical but I just had to answer a few questions, stip to my boxers and do a few stretchs.
So is it going to be basically the same at Raleigh or do we get the full works.
Also will they have my medical records by then and be able to go through those with me there instead of asking me the pointless questions from before.

Also im a little concerned as I was supposed to be on anti depressants mid last year but never took them as I just considered myself stressed and not depressed like the doctors said, I learned how to deal with it by going to the gym and focusing on what it was that made me stressed.
In the medical I did bring this up and the doctor there was happy for me to pass but im a little worried that maby at raleigh they may not be the same.

I understand that there may not be alot of information available on this.


The medicals fine. A little more in depth that they will take a full medical history and check your immunology status. They should have ya records. You will have to do the usual exercises with ya shirt off. I had an ecg where they look at the rythem of ya heart ir something, i think its just to ensure ya heartbeats normal. it doesent hurt and they will stick stickers all over ya chest and limbs. Id heard all horror stories about gloved finger up the tail end but none of its true, inleast it wasent in my case. however, since im not circumcised they did fully retract my foreskin, i think its just a case of having ya cock checked out to make sure ya free of stds. Youll also have a pretty intense hearing and sight test too.
And there was me hoping to get the ol two fingers up the bum treatment haha. Maby if I ask real nice lmao

So will they look through my medical records and ask me questions about my history or what?


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There are different eyesight requirements for the various branches.

You're hoping to go in as a Dentist, aren't you?


I visited my gp with back trouble about 3 years ago, i informed the doctor of this during my medical and he passed me as fit, but he seemed concerned about it. Could this become a problem during a more thorough medical at raleigh? I'm a little worried about waiting 2 years to begin training, then being discharged on medical grounds. Thanks


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Letts just hope they don't give you a spellng test otherwise you'll be well and truly fcuked...Good look and don't let the nurse munch your toggle and two...


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The medics will check to see if you have a scoliokyphotic spine, and if you have they'll make sure they keep you away from the ships bell - othersie you might want to swing on it.......Quasifcuknose......



They said for your medical you have to strip off to your undies!! Why?? I don't really have an issue with taking my clothes off, just would like to know why???


The bells! No my gp couldn't find a problem, nothing showed up with an x-ray. Thanks that's a bit of weight off, which is good; especially with my back