Medical history after the medical?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 306dturbo, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. Hi all

    I go to Raleigh on the 8th November, but I was wondering if a sick note from my doctor for work related stress and time off from my current job would backfire on me?

    I work in a call centre for the Job centre new claims line and due to a number of factors it is beginning to impact on my health. However I am not going to throw away the last 8 months of working to get a place at Raleigh for the sake of 6 weeks left here.

    I know my medical history was checked back in April with my medical but is it best to just do my best to stick it out? Or can I take a trip to the doctors without it scuppering my entry? Given it's a preventative measure to stop me losing my rag.

    And unless it's constructive or useful information don't bother commenting calling me whatever, unless you've done my job for the last 2 years and spoken to the types of people I do every day then I don't think you're in a position to question my motives

    Thanks :)
  2. Don't ever get anything written on your medical docs ever. It'll always bite you in the arse.
    Suffer the f*ckwits for 6 more weeks, try and let it wash over you and ignore it.
    But FFS don't go near the Doctor.
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  3. Duly noted, I was thinking that might be the case anyway. Leaving at the end of the payroll giving me 3 weeks off before Raleigh anyway should be enough time to get my head straight for the much needed career move haha

    Thankyou <333
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  4. Interesting!
    You think you have a stressful life now that is testing your resolve, then maybe you ought to take a pauseand think about the career you are about to take on. You will be tested everyday, doing things that don't make sense to start with, being told by people who seem to be younger, dumber (possibly), but senior to you and you just have to take it.

    It isn't the medical you need to be wary of, but the temperamental, as it is this that will see you off, if you can't control your emotions in the Service. If that happens you will see the medical world, but only for a Psychiatry evaluation to make you are not mentally ill before you are discharged Temperamentally Unsuitable.

    Tread carefully my friend.
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  5. Actually, a mate of mine worked at the Job Centre, he's ex Para and lasted 3 weeks before he gave up out of sheer frustration at the fuckwits he had to deal with, so lasting for such a long time shows more resolve than required for the RN.
    There is a difference between "medical stress" and normal "why can't I kill this twat" frustration.
  6. This is the reply I did expect, and you definitely have a point. However, I chose to make this career move and am aware that it will be very hard and very different to what I do now. But I chose to apply to the RN, I took this job at the call centre when I was 18 because I had to, I had nothing else open and otherwise I would have been the one phoning up!

    I will also be going into a real career with progression and development opportunities, where as here it is just a long repetitive cycle with no outcome at the end, no progression unless I was to kiss arse to middle management and pretend I was forging a decent career.

    So I am prepared to grit my teeth and do whatever it takes to be successful in the RN, because I'm sure the rewards are worth it. But like I say, maybe most here worked hard enough at school to avoid working in a call centre.

    Thats mainly it, don't get me wrong there are very polite and genuine people that call, but it's the ones that have this ludicrous sense of self entitlement and want everything handed on a plate. Not to mention those with such a low level of intelligence and common sense that makes a 10 minute call into a 30 minute one.
  7. I wish you real, sincere good luck with your new career in the RN. I am still at it 25 years on, so it isn't all bad.
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  8. Don't think that you won't be kissing some ass in the mob.
    Sometimes you'll find it's a case of who you blow, not what you know
  9. Then I had better stock up on mouthwash
  10. Don't bother, you'll soon get used to the taste!
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  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, the Royal Navy may not necessarily be an exclusive sanctuary populated solely by the profoundly intelligent, unfortunately.

    In the main, however, to be fair the collective ethos tends to be the adoption of a "can do" outlook rather than a "can't be arsed" slant.
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