Medical Help

Hi guys new to forum,

i've got my recruit test in Glasgow next month and feel confident.

However im worried about the medical. When i was 12 and also when i was 14 i dislocated my left knee. I am now 17 and since then i have had no problems, i reguarly play football and also train in mui tai boxing. I was wondering if this will have any effect on my failing the medical.

I have applied to be a Warfare Specialist Tactical (Submariner) if that helps.


2 dislocations, none for 3 years despite being an amateur boxer. Whilst that's significant activity it's not the same as running around with a bergen on your back, or running up and down ladders. The RN does tend to hammer knees. My gut feeling is that you'll be ok but without seeing the knee and seeing how you perform under "military conditions" it's difficult to say.

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