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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by djzeden, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. i recently tried to reaply to the navy and was refused entry on astham that i had a year ago, however i did not have any form of attack, i was pescribed a steroid for asthma treatment that i was unaware of, i went because i had a chest infection, i feel that this is unfair because i dont suffer from asthma, does anyone know of any way to challenge this as the afco where no help when they found out, thanks
  2. I went to docs with a chest infection, he thought it might of been athsma but turned out it was JUST a infection.
    If hes prescribed something for athsma then maybe, just maybe, you might have athsma??

    My friend has athsma, and shes fitter than me! Can run further and everything. However when she does have a attack, its quite bad- it doesnt happen often, maybe once every 2 month or so! But she still actually has athsma even though half the time shes showing no symptoms.
  3. Don't worry about the medical side of the application process, looking at your grammar and spelling, you wouldn't have a chance of getting in..
  4. weel that dont matter really cause i have already been in and i dont really care about my grammer, your just nit picking, you got nothing better to do.

  5. :D Another mong.....NEXT!!!!
  6. sad, just sad
  7. Well maybe it's about time you did, these days you don't want anything to act against you in the selection process do you?

    You may think it's just spelling! and " you know what I mean, even if it is spelled incorrectly".

    Well not these days fella!

    Sharpen up or forget about trying to get back in,

    You really think the people in the careers offices don't loiter in here and get a feel for who is writing and who is applying? If you do, then crack on and carry on being a smart arse,! If you truly want back in, write properly and take the piss taking too!

    Can I ask you, why did you leave the first time?
  8. personal reasons, but i wish i never left,
    i came to get some advice and not get the piss taken,
    thanks for the advise,
    guess it doesn't matter that i passed all the RT just not the med
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Again, angrydoc is the main man on the subject, however, in the meantime:

    Medical appeals can only be lodged if you can prove, with qualified evidence from a medical professional that you did not have the condition. A previous history of a condition with follow-up medication puts the individual on dodgy ground & even dodgier ground if the peak-flow reading during the last medical was low.

    What is not permitted is an appeal based on whether the applicant considers it fair - you need to prove you did not have the condition & were not prescribed medication for the condition within the last four years.
  10. Oh dear. :cry: What are the schools and colleges teaching these people?
  11. It's D-spanner's relief
  12. I am sick of replying to this query from various people. Please use the search function - everyone thinks their asthma query is unique - believe me, it isn't.

    Inhalers do not equal asthma, but we have to be careful. Many people require an inhaler for a short period of time after a viral chest infection (ie a cold) because they are wheezy. If you do, then it indicates your airways are more sensitive than others, and you may be predisposed to asthma and chest infections.

    Assuming your are over 16 and didn't have childhood asthma, it is unlikely you will develop asthma de novo.

    You will now need to prove to us that your lungs are normal. That means seeing your GP or asthma nurse and getting a peak flow meter and chart. Check your peak flow 3 times a day for a month and record the result. This will let us see how your lungs are. If you truly want to rejoin then this will also show committment.

    It will also give you a chance to sort out your admin and look at your NAMET stuff.

    As Ninja Stoker has said, you cannot appeal against our standards - only against the diagnosis in the first place (which is not our problem).
  13. AD, thks for PM - apologies for delay - reply should be with you.



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