Medical help please

hello I have started a few forums before and everyone was very helpful thanks.
I have my start date 1st may however recently my gums have become sore and bleed so I believe I have periodontitis (gum disease). I have an appointment with dentist next week, my question is will I fail my medical when the navy dentist checks my teeth? If it does how long will it bar entry.
How bad is it? I had a similar problem but it was due to a build up of plaque in some awkward places that were hard to get to. If anything the dentist will make an assessment and decide on what you need, such as a more stringent cleaning routine with things like floss and electric toothbrushes with hundreds of functions and mouthwash etc etc. Anyway, from personal experience unless your mouth is actually rotting, they'll just refer you for more treatment, highly doubtful it'll get you barred.
Just try and get sorted what you need done before you start training because you don't want stuff like that taking up your time later on.
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Try to get it sorted before you join because you cannot afford to be spending too much time in the dentist's chair whilst in training, it could put you on the back foot trying to catch up all the time. Use an electric toothbrush if you don't already - it can make a huge difference.

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