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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by andym, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. i was just wondering it might be an idea to have a Medical Forum on the site ,given the number of Medics and allied health care Professionals we have on the site.Just to offer advice and the latest news within the Medical world.Just a thought for the CO's to mull over.
  2. Yes please. Saves boring the arse off of the regulars in lils chatroom


  3. Good idea from you two scab-lifters.

    A few weeks ago in the chat-room I explained to Andy that I was getting a pain in my wrist when I peed. I couldn't figure it out but Andy did straight away...............told me that I shouldn't be lifting anything so heavy......... worked a treat. :shock:

  4. [email protected] :lol: :grin:
  5. Ooh Matron!!
  6. I'd be happy with a separate forum, however... it would remove the gasp factor when posting interesting (read: educational) anatomical and clinical photographs! :twisted:
  7. Second that emotion. also a thread for trainspotters :mrgreen: ,oh as Andy is both a Medic and TSer you could combine the two, now what could we call it...9.15 to Emergency Ward 10? sounds good to me :wink:
  8. The only problem with this is when the advice is taken and then some one makes some wacky formal complaint and naming RR as the destination. It is a good idea, I do agree but there are some complications that go along with it.
  9. The Brown Jobs next door seem to get on OK with a health and fitness forum, are we not bright enough for this?
  10. I think any sensible medical type would qualify any advice given with - seek a formal professional opinion. It may be useful to give guidance though - especially to those looking at joining up and the medical requirements.
  11. Fair points, I'll point this in the direction of the Boss!
  12. Great idea fellas, now, about this rash on my .....
  13. You scoop and run merchants don't like real medics, do you?
  14. If we could only get NB in scrubs?? Andy wholeheartedly welcome it mate, but scared will lose cyperfriends???? LOL
  15. Are you cyniical Bad? LOL
  16. Cheers boss!

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