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I have passed my Psychometric test and have my interview next week i was given a medical form/eye test forms looking through the med form i have to tick yes to a few of these nothing major just a sprained ankle and grometts when i was 3 oh and a broken arm now i am in the fortunate position of having a lovely GP who has said i can have all letters that relate to these things so would it be acceptable to just write the date of the incident and then put please see attatched . If I attatch all relevant medical correspondance will this speed the process up or slow it down?
I'm in the same situation when you send the forms away say on it that you have all medical records and you will get a date to go have your medical then take them with you as I asked and they said I couldn't send them as it's medical records not sure 100% but that's what I'm doing and all them things should be fine and good luck with the interview

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Just write on the forms the medical conditions and take all your documentation with you to medical interview, my son broke his arm at 5 we didn't take the documents any he was TMU for 8 weeks. Good luck

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I had a broken wrist and the doctor TMU'd me for that and Asthma when I was a child and Eczema when I was a child. If you have any official documentation in your favor, take it. I had to wait 5 months to pass my medical.
I thought I'd got everything sorted for my medical (less than 3 weeks away) and now I'm trying to rush through my GP to get some sort of letter regarding breaking my ankle 8+ years ago... Really don't want to get TMU'd got my heart set on joining in sept.
Don't forget the Doctor may also find something that will unexpectedly make you TMU. Found a possible heart murmur with me so they wanted that investigated. It's only taken 6/7 months so far

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Had my medical in December.. Just write on any injuries. Having played rugby from very young, I had a fair amount to write on including breaks and sprains and had to have my knees checked out.. Took a couple months but they were all good!

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