Medical Form Worry.........


Im really worried about my medical forms (which I have just sent off with eye test)....I was turned down for Army last year due to my one episode of sciatica in 2012/13. I wasn't prescribed anything just given a bit of physio, and exercises to do. No problems since.
I decided to go for the Navy this year, and spoke to the PO in the AFCO after sitting my exam, about the previous back issue. She said that although she wasn't a medic, and that it was a few years ago, it should be ok. The Navy has a 4 year rule without recurrence rather than the army 5 year rule. Just wondered if this was correct??
I wasn't sent to see a Specialist, or given any medication for it. Can't bare the thought of being let down again.


Will they call me for a medical as routine regardless ?, as the Army just sent a letter saying medically unfit, without examining me or speaking to me...


War Hero
Not heard of any 4 year rule (only asthma - free).

A recurrent (chronic) incidence of lower back pain is an outright bar to entry but if you've only had the one issue and nothing since for several years, it should not be a significant issue in theory ....unless the single episode was significant enough to involve a prolonged period off work/out of education.

A training diary involving impact CV exercise and sit-ups, press-ups etc., usually helps with regard proving the issue is fully resolved.


There was no time off sick meds orthopaedic referral...just a bit of physio for exercises.
No problems since. This was approx 2012 or 13....have been running and doing cardio fitness with no probs.
Think the army just took one look at forms and said no.

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