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Hey People

First off, Iv got my medical soon, and I cant seem to find a post about what exactly goes on in it. Can someone shed some light on it, like what goes on, what do I need to take, what to wear and stuff?

Second Iv got my FAT's in a few weeks and im trying to prepare. I read the Sunday Paper, I do sudoku lol, im getting a DS and Brain Training as I read it was useful on here, and I practise that flash game thats like the real test, even though im still getting used to it. Is there anything else I can use to prepare for them?

Lastly, my AIB is bound to be soon in the New Year and im just worrying about my leadership. I was in teams for development projects in University, I work in a store, where Im a part of team and Iv also been put in charge of the place too. Iv been at the gym for the past 16 months to get fit, but I think something else would be good. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks people, sorry if they sound stupid, but i hate not being ready. Thanks again


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There are plenty of threads on medicals on this site, however just be relaxed and wear something smart and you'll be fine shippers. lol I think you're reading too much into it, which will in turn will only increase your nerves. You should also look online for any physchometric tests you can find, which certainly helped me way back.


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Iv just heard rumours of what the medical is like and just want to be ready. lol Ill look up some more psychometric stuff, but do you think ill be alright doing what im doing for my FAT's and AIB.



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Surely the FAT's and AIB are to test you as a person, and while you should prepare and practice to make sure you're on top of your game, I don't think you should worry too much.
By this I don't mean keeping up on current affairs, learning about the RN etc. but more the 'brain training' things.
With the leadership, there are plenty of examples around here of things that most people have done, its just applying them to your situation.
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