Medical fail? microscopic haematuria.

Does anyone know if having non visible blood (microscopic haematuria) in urine makes you medically unfit to join the RN?

I passed my interview for the SS but during my medical I was informed of the trace of blood in my urine and was told to consult my GP for further investigation.

Long story short ive had a full battery of tests; Blood, urine, ultrasound, but there is nothing the doctor can find to be wrong with me but I still have the blood in urine 2 months later. So this excludes physical exercise and intercourse that can sometimes cause this.

My doctor is writing to a kidney specialist for confirmation to send back with my Navy medical forms but I was wondering if anyone knew weather they would allow me in with this condition?

sorry about the essay, any help appreciated.
(I wana go DEEP!)


War Hero
Again, only a qualified medical specialist can give definitive advice but in order to manage realistic expectations one of the medical tests includes a urine sample and one of the things they are looking for is blood. Putting together those two things it is unfortunately likely this will be a significant issue with regard medical suitability for service. @nemesis1066 may be able to give a more qualified comment on this issue.

Best of luck.

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