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Hi All

Ok so I had my medical and everything was fine. Passed all the tests with flying colours - great I thought.

Then I got measured and weighed, and discovered I am shorter than I originally thought, and as such my BMI came in at 29 - ARRRRRRGH!

The Dr however didn't seem too phased, and just said to keep working on it and not be aware of it, but it wasn't an issue as my waist measurement was way below the recommended 94.

He has advised me that Capita make the judement call whether I actually pass or I am TMU'd. I rang my AFCO and they basically said its bollocks and the Dr is who decides not Capita, they are just an Admin team.

I was advised that its been ages since they have TMU'd someone for being so close with all the other indicators being fine, but obviously for Raleigh it must be under 28 which is fine.

I started out at 250lbs (aye a porker) and I am now 179. I worked out I was 8 lbs away from a BMI score of 28 bang on, obviously want that to be lower so I have already continued with my diet and training to get it down below.

My question (after the ramble) is who is correct? Should I accept I will be TMU until under 28 and then my application continues, or will it continue with a 'warning' as such that it should be under 28 for starting Raleigh and failing that I will be sent home (I have no worries that it will be under 28)

Totally worrying I have potentially knackered it all up.

I am ready for my pre entry run now, consistently being well under the time I require.


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If the Doc said you are fit to enter you can crack-on with the PJFT, with the rider you must be under 28 when you join.

If the Doc said you need to see him/her again to be "signed-of" your are TMU.

Well done with the weight loss so far, keep at it.


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Doc said I was ok and "to be aware of it as it would need to be under 28 for basic, but at the moment its not bad"

Hopefully I shall get the green light then. As I say, Ive already continued with what I was doing anyway so I will be under 28 in a month tops, just takes some of the pressure off.

PJFT....lets go!!

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Hey buddy! I did my medical about 2 months back and was the exact same worrying about what they was going to say about the border line stuff... All in all went well and now looking forward to my start at HMS Raleigh on 5th of Feb!

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Ahh right. I didn't know that...I always thought that if your BMI was above 25, you're TMU'd until you reach the acceptable level.

Informative as always, Ninja :)


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I am no P2FIT!! Dr ticked the wrong box, so technically I was fit 2 weeks ago!!!

Anyway, onwards and upwards, treadmill run next and then I wait for my start date - woohoooo!!